The Message

The Message

Just imagine you’re in a wilderness, not knowing where to go;
Just imagine a Message descends on you from nowhere;
You do not know wherefrom it came, you do not know who it came through.
Grab it, engage with it, and study it;
Maybe you’ll benefit.

Just see if it stands on its own,
Just see if it makes sense to you,
Brings Hope in a state of Hopelessness,
And brings Light in a state of Darkness.

It’s come through one pure of heart capable of receiving it (50:37),
Who’s on the straight path (36:4, 43:43),
Of great moral character (68:4),
Endowed with love (19:96), a light-giving Lamp (33:46),
A Mercy of the Universe (9:61, 21:107),
A Messenger of God (36:3, 33:40), a receiver of Divine wahy (42:52),
And a faithful assimilator & deliverer of the Divine writ (5:67, 13:40).

This Message is a Book full of wisdom (10:1),
Straightforward and easy to learn (39:28, 44:58),
Most comprehensive (16:89; 39:27; 12:111; 10:37; 6:114),
Most profound and cogent (5:15), encourages rational approach (2:44, 76),
Requires the reader to ponder its verses with understanding (38:29).

This is the Truth (2:2, 18:29, 41:42) from One Who is True (4:87, 122),
Who represents Truth by Himself (18:44, 24:25).
It’s come to guide people to peace & straight path (5:16, 17:9, 6:126),
A Guiding Light for humankind (42:52),
A Furqan (Criterion) to distinguish right from wrong (25:1),
And a Universal Message to prevail (9:33, 38:87, 48:28).

It’s come to civilize us and make us wise (62:2).
An amazing Message; the more you ponder, the more you learn!
No exaggeration! No superfluousness! No incoherence!
A real Beauty, a real Wonder!
I’m struck with awe and wonder!

(The references are from the Quran)



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